How to Avoid the Dreaded Cash Flow Crunch

If you sometimes struggle to make ends meet, you’re not alone, especially in these trying times brought on by the pandemic. Your working hours may not be quite as stable as they once were, and you may be incurring additional costs if your kids are not able to go to school. In this case, cash flow can be a real burden, and you may be dreading a certain time of the month when many bills arrive together.

Top Tips When Taking A Car Loan

Saving up to purchase a car can be pretty challenging, given you have many other financial obligations. A car loan is the easiest way to start your car ownership journey. Below are some interesting tips on how to apply and manage your car loan.  Set A Budget Although you might qualify for a large loan, it is always wise to assess your finances before applying for credit. For instance, other obligations such as student loans and rent could take a significant part of your income.