Key Considerations When Pursuing Commercial Debt

When individuals owe money to lending corporations, the process of recovery is simple; they have whole teams of people charged with the responsibility of checking whether the person is credit worthy, and processing the recovery of the debt in cases of default. When it comes to business-to-business debts, however, the waters may become a little bit murky. If you were a business that lent finance to another business that has now defaulted on its debt, what do you do?

Buying an Investment Property With a Migrant Mortgage: Five Myths and The Truth Behind Them

If you are a migrant in Australia, it may be possible to use a migrant mortgage loan to buy your primary home, as well as investment properties such as homes to rent out, commercial buildings and even blocks of flats. Unfortunately, however, many migrants who may be interested in investment properties often do not even apply for these loans. Instead, they are held back or scared away by myths about the process.